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    1. Product & Solution

      The modified chlorinated polyethylene thermoplastic resin as an excellent impact modifier is widely used in extrusion and injection of PVC products, including profile, pipe, plate and engineering plastic.

      • Profile

      • Pipe

      • Sheet

      • Plastics
      Due to the high heat-, oil-, and chemical-resistance and the excellent processing property, the rubber grade?chlorinated polyethylene is widely used in rubber industry,?such as wire/cable, hydraulic hose, conveyor?belt.

      • Wire

      • Cable

      • Hydraulic Hose

      • Conveyor Belt
      Polygrand adopts newly developed production process ,which is safe and friendly to the environment.

      • Automobile

      • Wires & cables

      • Hoses

      • Rubber Rollers
      Commodity Name:MgCl2·6H2O
      Properties: white flake, soluble in water, easy to deliquesce in humid air.

      • Building

      • Water

      • Snow-melting

      • Food Additive
      Technology & Quality

      Inspection Equipment

      Builds an independent technical center, with a full range of test and inspection equipment necessary for CPE industry, including Rubber preparation……

      Product R&D

      The main equipment of Weifang Polygrand Chemical are introduced from Germany, including chlorination reaction equipment, plate filters, centrifuges, dryers……

      R&D Team

      Our R&D team consists of more than 20 staff, which is capable of providing a serial services including grade selection guidance, rubber compounding formulation guidance……

      About Us
      Weifang Polygrand Chemical Co.,Ltd.

      Weifang Polygrand Chemical is a professional company engaged in R&D, production and promotion of polymer and elastomer new materials.The company has always been insisting on technology innovation, concentrating on performance new material research, technological upgrade and resource utilization,continuously pushing forward extension and expansion of industrial chain,enriching product portfolio and product updating& upgrading. We specially concentrate on development of lightweight and high safety performance materials.

      Tel.: +86 536 8896092    Fax.: +86 536 8896285

      Factory: Weifang Changyi Binhai (Xiaying) Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong, China

      Sales Dept.: Room 501,Beihai No.1 F Hotel,Kuiwen Zone,Weifang City,261041 Shandong Province,China

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